Benchmark Straight Virginias

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I have little experience with Virginias, having been a codger burley and OTC smoker for my short piping career. But this thread is incredibly informative, and may inspire me to pick up some VA again.
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Nothing beats a Va in the evening, they smoke slow and are packed with flavor. I can nurse a group 3 billiard filled with flake for 2 hours.
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For me, the benchmark Virginia was MacBaren's Virginia. Not sure if they still offer it. Sweet smoke, as I recall.
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sisyphus wrote:
Tue Nov 05, 2019 6:37 am
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Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:47 pm
I’m still mourning McClelland.....and angry with the universe over their going “bye bye” pains me to see people discuss them, lol, it’s like talking about the dead :buddy:
I dropped the ball with a couple of delisted Burleys I should have stocked up on and didn't. In the case of McClelland, I caught on they were going away even before it was official and started buying all I could, and then I continued to do so after it became official, even paying too much for tins of Christmas Cheer on eBay when the rush was well on. I don't regret it, I have more McClelland Va than I can smoke in my lifetime.
Yeah- I have about a two year gap between “stock ups”- I go about 2 years before some jars need refilling, tins in the cellar need replacing, etc- it was about that time when I noticed- hey- where’s the Christmas cheer this year? -Oh, you didn’t know??? LOL-!!! So yeah- I have 2 cellared tins of Christmas cheer (2014, 2016), their 40th anniversary cellared, 3 Oaks Syrian, and a St James Woods. That’s it. I am definitely smoking what’s left of my two frog Morton’s much MUCH slower- lol- my Boston 1776 is gone, my Virginia ribbon cut 35 is almost gone. so yeah. McClelland was the standard for MANY things- GL Pease and C&D became my stronghold for many things- I’m going to miss the Christmas cheer- I was wondering if any of the companies put out an annual “cream of the crop” tin like McClelland did. My search continues- In the meantime, I have 8 Oz of Esoterica Pembroke slumbering in the time interval between getting anything from there is greater than my 2-year replenishment cycle, lol-
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I will say that anybody looking for something to fill the vacuum McClelland left behind should order some of the Va and VaPer blends from Watch City. Super great stuff.
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Just posted about Savinelli Juno tobacco that came as a freebie with a new pipe, in the ...Smoking Now? thread. Had no idea what it was, but knew it was a Virginia with the light-up. I still don't even have a good handle on the burleys, and have only tried a couple Va flakes, so have little with which to compare in my subjective little realm. I can only say I love this stuff, and will definitely be ordering more. Those of you with more experienced palates may not care for it, IDK. Will be interesting for me to see whether the blend garners enough interest to generate comments/comparisons/critiques, but regardless, Juno will always be my first love in Virginia tobacco blends. All I know about it is that it has red and bright leaves, is less filling and tastes great.
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