1Q and BCA

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Thelonious monkfish
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Cavendish is fickle with me, everybody else tastes something creamy and sweet, all I get is dirty hamper full of wet dog. Some, very few, blends I can do though. Lane Black Rasberry I can even smoke on it's own, same with Vanilla Custard, others need to be cut with something, even then it's hit and miss. Mammoth Cave and BCA get along, 5 Brothers is another great suggestion. Wish I could enjoy more of those blends as many sound really good. I chalk it up to body chemistry, or the stars I was born under, or maybe all the coffee I consume.
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Billy Joe
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Mr Beardsley wrote:
Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:37 pm
BCA + deer tongue is one of my guilty pleasure smokes
Have tried this several times and always loved it!!

BCA mixes well with many blends (like Carter Hall )
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Mr BeardsleyFr_Tom
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Got some BCA ordered. Looking forward to mixing with some 1Q.
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