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Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:44 am

After my exposure to Latakia, I'm a bit wary of ordering anything with Perique.

Are there any similarities between the two?
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Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:57 am

Perique is another spice tobacco. it is quirky because it presents in different ways depending on the blend and the person. Sometimes in the same blend, I can get both plum/raisin when sipped and peppery when puffed. I routinely smoke a few things with latakia. Some of them just have condimental amounts like Epiphany. Others like Morley's Best are a little more latakia forward. I don't typically smoke the latakia bombs.

In terms of perique, I find it suits my palate. It is a flavor that works very well with a Virginia for many. It tends to beef up the nicotine, and for someone who is nicotine sensitive, that probably would not push a Virginia over the edge. I like OJK and Picayune, and they are on the beefy end of the perique blend spectrum and the perique is applied with a heavy hand by the blender. For nice taste of what it can do for a primarily Virginia blend, there is OGS and LNF.
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Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:15 am

Bo'LB really does stink bad, but, it didn't taste anything like it smells.
I've been reading that many smokers, like Rev.Tom, like mild English blends but don't like Lat-bombs. Many say it's an acquired taste.This got me thinking. Tobacco is so expensive here (Another tax increase has raised a 50g tin to $88) that I'd hate to waste any.

Taking a small amount of the stinky stuff, I mixed it 50/50 with Windsail virginia & added a pinch of perique from a small sample. Although it was still stinky, I quite enjoyed smoking a small bowl in my new Prince Rhodesian.
So I mixed the entire bag of Bo'LB (About an ounce & a half) 50/50 with the virginia & then added the small sample of perique (about half an ounce)

Although I couldn't smoke two bowls one after the other, one bowl before bed was quite pleasant. Then I found myself wanting it more often. When it got down to an ounce, I mixed in a little more virginia just to stretch it out.
Now that I'm down to about half an ounce, I'm going to actually miss it when it's gone.

Thinking that I might just have to buy a tin occasionally, I asked my local tobacconist if he could order in a mild English blend like Squadron Leader. Not only had he never heard of latakia nor English blends, a look at his ordering forms showed that there's none available.

It sure sucks being a pipe smoker here.
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