Which wax for buffing?

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arturo7 wrote: Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:59 pm Use the oil from the side of your nose.

Works great, costs nothing, always within reach, and you'll never run out!
I just cant do that. Its just to weird to me.
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mrpipster wrote: Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:50 am Well that sucks. I have to find something I can use to hand buff with.
Any oils you know of that will work?
I've made my own concoction for hand polishing. Melted about 3 parts carnauba wax to 1 part bees wax & then added mineral oil until I was satisfied with the consistency. It's a solid at room temp but is much easier to apply by hand.
If it feels greasy it just means that more polishing is needed.

Once I've got a drill polishing set-up I'll use straight carnauba wax & use my homemade polish to maintain a shine.
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You really can't beat carnuba wax and a buffing wheel for bowls (white wax works great for stems), but I'll +1 on the Paragon for hand polishing personal pipes (that you aren't planning to sell). I only bought some because I wanted to see the result in person. The examples I saw on Youtube several years ago always looked greasy or hazy to me. Again, carnuba can't be beat but Paragon can work if you don't have a buffing wheel.

Also, if you're interested in cleaning up your stems (by hand) you might consider Decatur Pipe Shield. And if you're feeling "spendy" you can get the 3 pack for $30 on Amazon. It comes with a sweetener for sour bowls and shanks, a cleaner for oxidized stems and a wax for stems (that could probably work on bowls, too).
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