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Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:33 pm

Ya know, with so many cruddy tobacco-related websites put online by the old school companies, I found it refreshing to visit the B.J. Long site. http://www.bjlong.com Heck, I was delighted to find one existed. I wasn't expecting much.

What's the secret ingredient to being happy? Having low expectations. That's why I'm pleased to see B.J. Long alive, if not necessarily kicking up a whirlwind of demand.

Spend enough time researching these old companies and you'll usually follow a trail half-hearted dim-headed lackluster marketing going-though-the-motions that leads to an abattoir of not soon-to-be irrelevant products, if not already-abandoned assembly lines in factories turned into condos.

We can't order pipe cleaners direct from this manufacturer, but the site is clean and uncluttered. It shows that they have different applications for their product rather than just a dwindling bunch of pipe smokers. The focus is on medical and industrial applications. No shopping cart, but, heck, how many pipe cleaners am I, Joe Blow Pipe Smoker, going to buy that I need to order them online direct from the manufacturer. If I need them, there are plenty of places where I can find them retail. S&H for the one pack of pipe cleaners I would want would be more than the price of a pack.

"Specializing in private label pipe cleaners made in USA." There isn't a lot of competition in that line of business anymore but they seem to be doing all right. Family-owned, which probably helps. Located in downtown Rochester, NY, a few blocks from the train station, a regular Amtrak whistle stop.

Kodak, Bausch + Lomb, Xerox, French's mustard, and B.J. Long. Rochester has a lot to be proud of. B.J. Long has stayed true to its roots on Central Avenue and they are hanging on, unlike a few of their longtime neighbors. Good on 'em. A tip of my fedora and my wishes for their continued success.
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Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:26 pm

Glad to read this. I use there soft and bristle cleaners exclusively. I bought a case each a couple years ago from Smokingpipes.com. I use lots restoring pipes. And I still have lots left. I couldn't do the job without this quality product.
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