How Many Torches?

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I'm posting this in the cigar forum because I don't think anyone who is smoking a pipe is going to admit to using a 4-torch butane lighter on their Krumble Kake in a $350 custom carved briar.

I use a Zippo, without a pipe insert, when I light my pipe but, as much as I love a Zippo, I don't like it to light a cigar. I prefer a butane lighter. I don't even think about using a match.

Right now, I'm using a single torch lighter, i.e. it gives me one blue flame when I spark it. It doesn't make me happy.

I prefer a two torch butane lighter, i.e. two blue flames to help me light a cigar. The two flames work together to cover both sides of the cigar's foot and the exposed tobacco lights evenly. If I were smoking perfectos, this wouldn't; matter at all----I use my Zippo when I light a perfecto. I'll use a match to light a perfecto----that's why it's the perfect shape.

I have had a couple three torch lighters but, to me, that extra flame seems like overkill. I don't get what it's supposed to do except to make the area very, very, very hot. The three torch lighters I've had, I felt like I was working around them rather than with them. The third flame is just another complication.

I feel that way with a four torch lighter, too, only more so. I have had one four torch lighter and I don't remember what happened to it. Don't try to relight a stub of a cigar with a four torch lighter. You'll set your hair on fire. Don't feel all smug like you can get away with it if you're bald. I mean nose hairs and eyelashes.

For me, for a cigar, whether handmade or machine made, I prefer a two torch butane lighter. One flame isn't enough and three is too many. Two flames is just right for my method.

What's the consensus on what configuration works best for cigars?
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But ya have to slowly light your cigar. Not torch it to death. You will just get fried burnt tasting tobacco.
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Handmades are an occasional treat for me and I don't smoke them often, but they get the same treatment my machine made cigars get...the good ol' BIC. I don't have a torch lighter. I don't have anything against them, I just don't have one. The BIC always gives me an even, easy light. I'm sure I've used a match on machine mades, but not on a handmade. The handmades just take so much longer to get going.
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Ronson $6 Jetlite from Walgreens. If one fails you it doesn't hurt to go buy another.
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of course I am getting old, maybe they aren't $6 any more
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I have a 1 torch butane a man gave me with a left-handed zippo (the stamping is upside-down). I rarely use the butane torch for anything. Cigars get lit with whatever is handy.
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I use the same matches for the occasional cigar that I use to light my pipe.
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I agree 100% [mention]Citizen B[/mention] .. 2 torches are just enough.
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This guy is a one torch beast . Huge tank , no misfires ever . Itll light anything ya want and defrost a doorlock in about 10 secondsImage
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I picked up this Xikar single torch recently for my cigar fascination. It works just great, actually helped me with getting the cigar lit more evenly than before. It's also hot enough that I don't have to apply flame directly to the cigar. (This isn't a staged photo, this is literally how I left it all lastnight. Lol.)
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