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PSF is a non-profit forum. We don't charge members to use the Trading Post. We don't have a vendor forum. We don't allow vendors to spam our membership. We have no ads. We will never have any of those things at PSF.

I said in the beginning that this is a labor of love for me, and that I was fine paying for my own hobby and wouldn't seek contributions from the membership to pay for what little costs it does take to keep this forum up.

Well, one year into draining my savings in a divorce, paying monthly spousal support, and working harder to makes ends meet than I used to, I have rethought that.

It doesn't take much to keep PSF here, and it isn't time now, so I am not asking you for a handout at this time. I'm just giving you guys a heads up that when the bills for PSF do come due I will probably make a post in this forum letting you know that any member who wanted to float a few dollars our way via Paypal toward costs would be appreciated. I would shut down donations if met our goal, because I am not trying to put your money in my pocket for anything but paying hosting costs. Frankly, if I paid the bills here every other year, and 10-20 members each sent $5 at that time, that's all I'm really talking about.

So I've done an about face on something I said in the beginning, and I just wanted to explain myself and give you guys a heads up. Not a big deal, but I believe in transparency. I also understand that if you're a regular user of PSF, if you're anything like I've been in my long use of pipe forums, you take the camaraderie, community, and resource that this forum provides very seriously. It's one of the few places on the internet that gives instead of takes. I totally get that, I've felt it, and it's great to be part of something like that. So we would probably go the forum sponsor route and place a little title in your profile to indicate that you are a forum supporter.

That is all. Wouldn't take much to keep the lights on. When the time comes a little help would be much appreciated. Just wanted to explain myself. Thanks guys.
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I will support PSF, anytime! 👍
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I'm in...
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Glad to help
Really enjoy the site and super-solid members
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thanks guys, I kind of figured that was the response I was going to get
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Like many "creatives," I'm told often that I should provide work "for the exposure" instead of money. B**ls to that. Happy to help!
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Definitely on board. I appreciate your transparency, although you didn't owe us any explanation.. we owe you. :thumbs:
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No worries. I'm in.
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I gotcha.. No prob. :mrgreen:
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