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Dr Uhaha
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"Cleaning the garage."

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As little as possible!
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Middle Earth
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Walked for 2 1/2 hours
Checked in here a few times
Spent a while reading the Bible
Watched some TV
Had two meals
Getting ready to take my supplements
Surf the web a bit
A little more TV
And bed time at 10 pm +/-
Pretty exciting stuff
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worked a little overtime, went to costco, drove home for an hour in the snow, made a big pot of Cuban black bean soup and now just chilling with the boys
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I had three services and plenty of opportunities for pastoral care. I had one outreach incident. I caught up with various news groups when I got home, and I am restoring nicotine levels in the blood stream.
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Wife and I took Gus on his weekly adventure. This week was to the Rural King. He met some new friends. Btw, Gus is our dog.

Did some trouble shooting on basement lights. Pulled down some non functioning fluorescents.

Spent about two hours hanging out with the neighbors across the street. He is a WWII vet and an awesome gentlemen and inspiration.

Fixed dinner and now hanging out with my wife watching the tube.
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Fr_Tom wrote: Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:40 pm I am restoring nicotine levels in the blood stream.
with disarming honesty Fr T reveals what it's all about
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Today was our one and only day of Christmas shopping.
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Mr Beardsley
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Well I live in California and needed to drive 25ish miles to the pipe meet so I spent a good chunk of time in traffic. Errands with the better half after that.

Your jar picture reminds me that I picked up some totes to store my tobacco in and transport it safely. We are hoping to move from apartment hell in the near future so I see a lot of wrapping and inventorying in the coming weeks
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Dr Uhaha
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On hold with a utility company.
Never getting these minutes of my life back.
Might as well stuff a pipe. ✔
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