JF Germain ... a true story of love , horror and probably some other things

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It's possible his thread should be pinned for its historical acuracies, just sayin


Germain ... you may know of them . They produce some very appealing blends very slowly . They're located in the Jersey Islands in Redcoat country and are rumored to still ben In production , though slower than ever .

The company was cranked up in the year 1820 and a good number of those original employees are currentlly still working there , thus their pace of production .
Its also been rumored that there may well be a younger , meaning younger than 190 , employee working there , as the only activity seen at their location is that of an " unfamiliar " taking out the trash once a week .

Neighbors are concerned , but being good Brits , don't get involved much with their neighbors , so the rumors abound in the rare instances anyone in the jersey islands actually talks to one another .

The lack of anyone ever seeing activity at the Germain building has only further fueled the rumors of the scariest tale ... ever ... in the Jersey Isles . Georgie Roberson , the only inhabitant available for interview on the isles , said ....." No one goes in or out , day or night , except for the unfamiliar that takes out the trash " ... though Georgie speaks in such a way and with such an accent that it's barely discernible by even Brit linguists . We had the best linguists available to discern his speaking . Georgie has said , in his last interview in 1946 , that he " hears cries at night and thd sound of chains being dragged " . Once , he heard a woman moan , which led to the locals believing there was a possibility of new blood , though genetically not that new , and new offspring . It would be a first

Ok , you've seen pirates of the Caribbean . Ya know how those pirates are really dead and look alive , but you see their true form in the moon light .. well ... the whole idea from that movie originated from the rumors of the JF Germain Company . Goes something like this ...

Thomas Aubin , founder of Germain , served on a ship back in the early 1800's . He was known a a fiddler of things , always messing around with this or that and having a deficient attention span which was brought up to speed by the miracle drug known as nicotine . His love of nicotine is what apparently saved him . Legend states he was bit by one of the creatures bound to the curse of Davey Jones locker while underway in the north Atlantic. . He and a handful of his ship mates and a couple wenches guided a small emergency craft from the attacked vessel he served on and escaped , all of them , with only bites . Their higher nicotine levels bends off death from the bites ... or do was said . They landed their small craft in the Jersey Isles , Thomas purchased a building and a shit ton of tobacco , walked into the building with his ships mates .... and that was the last anyone's seen him or his shipmates . Shortly there after, a horse and buggy would come around back and pick up what was left outside for him each day .... Germains 1820 pipe tobacco . And thats the way its been since1820

Part 2 will continue shortly
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