Happy Birthday Ruff!

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Kevin Keith
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Emphasis on the OLD!

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Jersey Devil
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Ahhh, another notch in the belt of life, eh! Happy Birthday!
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Middle Earth
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Happy Birthday
May you live long and prosper said a wise fictional character
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Happy Birthday John!!
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Happy Birthday, Mr. Mayor! Hope ya have a great one, and many more to come.
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Mr Beardsley
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Happy birthday Ruff! I'll make sure to tip a glass this evening
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happy birthday Ruff. I can never repay you guys for what you bring to PSF, so thank you. Hope you had/have a great day with your family.
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Exemplo Ducemus
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It sucks being over 30
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Dr Uhaha
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Happy Birthday, Ruff!
Remember: "I get older. They stay the same age."
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Happy Birthday!
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