Prayers PLEASE!!!

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Folks, Those of you that know me, know that I coach high school baseball. One of my ball players was in a rather serious accident last night. He blacked out and flipped his car. The photos of the wreck do not look good.
At this time, we have been told he is not critical but there are lots of tests being done right now.
I ask you all to keep he and his family in your prayers. I will keep you all posted.
Thanks! As always!!!!
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Prayers sent and will continue.
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You got it Mak
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Prayers your way.
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Yes sir.
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Folks, Happy to let you know that he is just fine. Lost consciousness and next thing he knew he was flipped over and then calling his mom when the police got there.
All good! Amen!
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Great news, Mak! So happy to hear.
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I hope the kid is ok and wish the best for his friends and family during this stressful time.
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I am a guy who can pray.
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Glad to hear he is OK, good vibes for a speedy recovery both mentally and physically
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