Memorial Day.......THANK YOU!

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To any vets here I want to say THANK YOU! It is becuase of you we live in FREEDOM in the GREATEST country on Earth!
My Dad was a Korean War vet and the wife and I will go and visit him and my Mom at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery tomorrow.
Its quite the experience and very touching.
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Front, 2nd from the left holding his helmet, 25 or so years old, my dad somewhere in Normandy. 134th infantry regiment, 35th division, hit the beach a month after D-Day and saw some of the toughest action in the European theater including the Battle of the Bulge. Injured in July and again in October, purple heart recipient. Never said one word about it my whole life. Had to read about his division's battle history on the internet, and I couldn’t believe it when I found it. Hell on earth.
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My Dad never said anything about his service either.
As a little boy I would often ask him about the tattoo on his right forearm though. I guess that was a Marine thing to do at the time.
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On this weekend I always think of a few friends who didn't come back.......and a few who did physically but mentally they're still gone.I think of an Uncle who returned from Nam but in body only.I think of my grandfather who rarely spoke of WW2 and usually only to me after I was serving,he lost so many friends but he and my Great uncle,his brother,made it back.Then I look at these young men today who have left it all on the field of battle...........and it just hurts more,they look like my grandkids.Now I understand what my stepfather,a Nam vet,meant when he told me right before I left for boot camp at 18.He said "you're too young to go to war".He also said there are only two rules in war,1.Young men die2.You cannot change rule #1.He was doing his best to get me to change my mind,I'm glad I didn't.It took a lot of years but now I get it.

All gave some.....Some gave all.May they rest in peace.
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All the men in my family , since we got here from Italy , served in one of the branches , myself included . My Grandfather served in both ww1 and ww2 in the Navy . my Dad , brother , cousins nephews etc ... all service at some point . I don’t think we had any in the Air Force or Marines . I guess we're Army or Navy. we all made it back intact and in good health , thank Christ . I do have a few cousins that didn’t serve and they’re all plumbers .
I think the ones that passed or got messed up should be thanked because they really paid a price . The rest of us did a job , is how I look at it , though people look at it how the see it and its all good . I don’t need to be thanked is what I'm saying . I got paid , feed and taught ... it wasn’t all " give " in my mind but that’s just me

God bless those that paid a heavy price and seen things they wish they hadn’t
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My old man wouldn't talk about Korea either. All he would say was that I'd understand when I was older. He died before I was older. He came home wounded and tried to build a life but whatever happened to him contributed to his early demise, at age 47. I was eleven. God bless our vets.

Dad, on leave ( in Japan I believe), before he took a bunch of shrapnel.
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My father served in WWII and Korea. Here is a picture of him in WWII.

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I agree with has been said. Unfortunately a lot of Americans don’t understand the true meaning of Memorial Day. It ain’t about a NASCAR race or grilling hot dogs.
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It is Memorial Day 2020.

Never Forget.
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It's a damn shame that folks cant get out to the National Cemeteries this year.
Seeing all the US Flags placed by the headstones by the BSA is really a sight to behold.
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