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Never mind that fire next to us, pass me that stick. I don't want to impart any foreign flavors in my blend.

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Not sure that is tobacco.
Regardless, there is a fire burning right next to the action.
Does not compute.
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I think I'll embrace my lazy American side and continue to use my lighters
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There might be a benefit to using a powdered coal extender when you're ripping a hit like that.
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Too many 'strange' situations happening here for it to be tobacco.

First, as mentioned before, there were already 2 fires in the vicinity. A dry reed or stick would have provided a perfect 'match' for lighting tobacco. It also would have left less foreign debris in the pipe. For someone at this or the neighboring fire NOT to think of this suggests they're all smoking crack. 8-)

Second, notice the red colors worn by the gang farthest from the camera and the blue by those near the camera. The fires were clearly monopolized by two rival city gangs... the Bloods and the Crips... known crack smokers.

Third, they clearly know how to use a bow drill, but they used a "knife" to hold the ember. That's a no-no because metal draws the heat from the ember quicker than the wood hearth. Although this appears to be filmed in a rural area, this poor fire handling further supports that these gang members are definitely city slickers - and crack smokers. 8-)

Fourth, nicotine from pipe tobacco is designed to be absorbed by the mouth, not the lungs. Their deep inhalation and nasty coughing indicates this is most likely crack, despite the narrator's insistence it was tobacco.

Fifth, tobacco won't keep long wrapped in a breathable cotton shirt, but crack keeps in about anything. 8-)

And finally, everyone knows you use briar, corn cob or meerschaum pipes to smoke tobacco. Except for @rekamepip and Native Americans, I don't know anyone who smokes anything but crack out of a stone pipe. :lol:
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