Question for glasses wearers

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Longshanks wrote: Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:06 am
I've only had ONE pair in my lifetime that actually worked properly, meaning both lenses were correct and gave me great sight in both eyes at the same time. Sadly, it was a pair of the ugliest Army-issue birth control glasses you've ever seen. I hated wearing them because they were so dang ugly.
The birth control geekers were a fashion statement, and that is a fact.
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Middle Earth wrote: Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:08 am For single vesion, Thank God for Zenni Optical
Zenni pricing is awesome. I have a pair on right now.
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I love wearing glasses but only need one pair (that said, I have more than I need). If I did need two pair, I know I would get two vs. progressive.

I still have my Navy birth control glasses and I love to wear them. Mrs. King, however, refuses to be seen in public with me if I do wear them.
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I do two pair
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I remember my glasses from the navy, gawd awful ugly, great vision.
I wear progressive and have for a year and a half. The first month I had em I wanted to run over them with a forklift.
Really though, as the optician and others have said- give it a couple of weeks or so and you should start getting used to em.
I am near sighted- within 10 feet I see perfect. I am not thrilled with the up close viewing with them on, I wind up taking them off to read.
I tried welding with them on and those are the ugliest welds I’ve ever made. Take the glasses off and magic happens.
If doing anything within arms reach, don’t use em, anything else put em on. Yes it’s an inconvenience but contacts are no longer an option and I do like to be able to see clearly.
Progressive lenses demand that you train yourself to them, I sure like em better than traditional bifocals.
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I'm a two pair guy, but not because I've tried progressives and hate'em. Instead, it's because I'm a natural klutz and would likely fall downstairs and break my neck during the adjustment period. That, and Dear Sweetie thinks I'd probably crash the car or something. So, it's two pair for me. One for driving and seeing at a distance, and another for reading.
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ok, first full day wearing these was a much better experience. It appears that once your brain accepts they aren't going away it starts to rewire how you perceive everything to compensate for what progressives do. My experience today is that they were excellent for general vision, driving, reading and glancing at my watch. They are NOT as good as readers for using a computer, and I am hoping that changes over the next few days. The way I feel after today is that I could be happy with progressives for everything, and I sure would appreciate just having one set that was on all the time. If I still think they suck for computer use after a week I'm going to keep readers around just for that. My eyes seem to have adjusted to these enough already that I have no complaints about using them for television.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, it was helpful.
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