Broken Pipe: Tom Douglas

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Kevin Keith wrote:
Tue Oct 29, 2019 6:15 am
It's coming up on a year since Tom died. I miss his participation on the forums. He had so much pipe history in that noggin of his! Luckily quite a bit of it is chronicled over at the DGCF.

Tom's favorite pipe shapes were the apple and the prince shapes. I think the bulldog came in a close third. I know for a fact that his favorite was the 11, extra large apple. The 19, medium prince was next. Tom had quit smoking when he retired as Grabow president and CEO in 1991 and got rid of all his pipes. He started back up around 2008, starting from zero. Of course, he had the necessary contacts at the factory to build that collection back up! Tom always said his limit was 48 pipes.

Here's a shot of Tom's Grabows from a few years ago.
There are some real beautiful pipes . . . particularly fond of a few of the Canadians and the long slender Billiard far left column third from the bottom.

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I missed this when it was posted.

Just since I started smoking a pipe I've seen so much history disappear. Blends have gone away. Internet resources full of knowledge, gone. We're the last generation of pipe smokers. The last that was able to draw upon the knowledge and experience of guys like Tom anyway.

I've done little bits and pieces here and there to contribute. I'll continue to learn and share what little knowledge I have with guys coming into pipe smoking. Most of all, I'd like to meet some of you before my days are over. Maybe it's time for me to start going to Chicago every May. I live within driving distance. It'd be nice to meet some of the people I've talked with/alienated over the years.
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