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Boy, y'all REALLY don't know me very well. Let me introduce you to my daughter, she will tell you exactly how terrible I am!!! LOL :D
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Moo was one of a kind. Really miss his insight and posts.
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I think of moo often every time I smoke my ‘17 POY as a matter of fact. He was a one of a kind for sure.
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I had some good laughs with Dan . I was wanting to build him and pipe stand / table thing that he found a picture of .. kinda shaped like a horseshoe . It was something that would have taken some time and planning and we discussed it but we didnt have enough time , sadly . I also bought my Stanwell featherweight off him and every time I light it up , which is pretty often , I get to think of Dan . He " modded me " a few times too , lol
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