Down on AROS ? A possible tip for enjoyment

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simplepipes wrote:
Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:49 pm
I enjoy primarily Virginias and Virginia Blends as well as the milder Lakelands (which is British for Aromatic Virginia). Like Father Tom, I smoked Amphora Red 40 plus years ago and still keep a pouch on hand.

Lately I have been enjoying a mix of St. Bruno RR and SWRA which reminds me somewhat of Condor Mild (Blended).

My goal with tobacco is to find blends I enjoy that are readily available and represent a good value.

Thank you for getting us back on topic!
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the first aro I ever smoked was Stanwell Melange, and I actually found it kind of pleasant
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I'm in agreement about snobs (in any hobby, habit, or endeavor) who want to criticize others for the way they find enjoyment, or what they spend (or don't).. And snobbery is seen sometimes by those who think someone spent too much. At least I've seen that with other pursuits - PSF is the only tobacco forum I've joined, and I hope the democratic approach remains intact, rather than becoming a place where we are divided by a common interest. Overall, I think I play well with others, myself, so you guys are making the site look good to me as a newbie here.

I'm branching out in all directions, myself. Aros and non-aros alike. In fact, I keep watching the door for a delivery of aros I've never tried - it's all I've smoked and when I found one I liked I stuck with it for many years. However, I recently laid the cigarettes down and dug out my old pipe. Ordered some Cheyenne Gold on special 'cause it was cheap, and like it - but how good does it have to be to beat the hell out of cigarettes?

I've smoked two bowls per day for the last three weeks without even a twinge of an urge for a stinky cigarette - if you like cigarettes, fine, I'm only speaking for myself. Marlboro Lights was my brand. I also have a few new pipes coming, as well, along with three or four aros and quite a selection of non-aros. All new to me. Anyone jealous of that experience? Should be fun, and I'd wager some of you may find my comments over the coming days quite worthy of good-natured jesting...
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