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Hello everybody. I use to be a member some time back and kind of faded out of the pipe smoking world got hooked back on cig. Well I finally quit them with help from snuff and dusted off my box of pipes and lit up once more. I’m from the “wonderful” state of Kansas and look farword to being a member here once more. This place helped me start pipe smoking in the first place with all the helpful knowledge on here. Thanks for having me once again!

There was an old timer on here back then that helped me out a lot think his name was Doug but don’t recall but he was a big fan of carter hall. Just wondering if he was still around
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Welcome back to pipe smoking ! Doug is at another site . Woody , the owner of the old psf died , unfortunately , and sonm of us came to this site
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Greetings and Salutations
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Glad to see you here!
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Thanks everyone :clap:
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Welcome back!💨
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Welcome back!!
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