G'day from Down Under

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G'day everyone.

A forum for pipe smokers? Who would've guessed? Lol.
Looking forward to learning from others experience here.

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Down undr .. cool ! Welcome from Georgia USA . Good group of guys here :thumbs:
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Another welcome from the US, NY to be exact.
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Welcome from Northern Indiana!
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Welcome from up over...New England, to be exact. Glad to have ya here!
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welcome from the rolling hills of Iowa!
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Greetings from New Orleans, a city of only 380,000 people, but one that punches above it's weight class. I can go just about anywhere in the world and say I am from New Orleans and people will know where I'm talking about. Jazz.
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Welcome to PSF
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Thank-you everyone for the warm welcome.
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Post pics of your possums.
We'll accept your sarcasm here too, but it's not as cute as Aussie possums.
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Underwater Basketweaver.
Baskets of basket pipes.
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