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Maynard wrote:
Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:55 pm
I usually smoke outdoors but year around I smoke Granger Velvet or LRR in the morning Then switch to Mixture no 79 late in the day.
Hard to beat those codger burleys! M79 put me off the first time I tried it, but then after a few years I tried it again and loved it!
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Kevin KeithMaynard
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I usually pair my tobacco with my beverage. During the summer I am typically drinking IPA’s or ice water with lemon. Germain’s Rich Dark, Escudo, Orlik Golden Sliced, and St James Flake are in the usual rotation. Often I’ll treat myself to some Dorchester with a really good IPA. If I get craving for Latakia, I’ll go with Germains Latakia Flake because it’s grassy like a VA and light on the Latakia.
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