Any special smokes this news years eve !?

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My family is staying home tonight . We usually do this holiday . Murphy North Carolina has a possum drop they do and its fun but the cops around here have road blocks etc .... it isnt worth going out . Afterall , who knows how low the " limit" is this year ( ? ) . So , we'll watch the folks in NY do their ball drop thing and I'll light the first smoke of the year.

More than likely ,it will be this combo .. the greatest Mastro de paja and some vintage 3 nuns

But ya never know. I'll be buzzed and that could change into my Basil Meadows black Bing pipe with IRC BRONZE, which actually sounds pretty awesome

Whatever it turns out to , I'll snap a pic
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Mr Beardsley
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The missus and I will be hanging out with some friends at their house. Since I'm the only smoker I'll have to keep it crowd friendly so SWRA is what I'll smoke if I get the chance
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Last bowl of 2018 will be Dunhill's My Mixture 965 from an unopened 7 yr old tin.
First bowl of 2019 will be from an unopened 2 yr old tin of McClelland's 40th Anniversary.
On New Year's Day I'll jar both blends and save them for next year at New Year Eve & New Year's Day.
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A 100g tin....Nice! Or should I say none nicer? ;)

No special tobacco for me today, or tomorrow. I just keep smoking what's in the current rotation of opened tins.
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M'lady and I haven't gone anywhere NYE since we've had the kiddos. We'll set our alarm for 2345, watch the ball drop on TV then she'll go back to bed. I've been holding onto a pouch of Condor long cut for a while so maybe I'll open that tonight.
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Probably nothing special...maybe I'll dig out something nice and aromatic to help cover the lingering presence of the cigar I had in the den last night. Whooee!
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Our 53rd tonight, so it is dress for dinner here, sister coming over and fortunately both my wife and sister love my pipes and tobacco.

So its some quiet drinks by fireplace, several bowls in fact, with "Welsh Blend" from a shop I enjoy in Coventry when there. Specially done, and saved for these NYE evenings. No TV or hoopla of crowds anywhere.

Hey after that, its wide open to Old Gowrie, and Redwood by Pease. Happy New to all, and blessings into 19.
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Keeping in mind my goal of kissing my sweetheart at midnight, I will not be smoking tonight.

Everyone, please take a couple extra puffs for me.
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I will probably go for a bowl of Picayune in a Grabow pot as my last smoke of 2018. I am just seeing things heading in that direction.
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G.L. Pease Gaslight in my Peterson Dracula,thought about cracking open one of my tins of FM Cellar but just can’t bring myself to do it just yet.
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