How many times in a day?

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I dont know if this post is repeated or not, btw I want to know:

How many times you smoke in a day or week?

Me myself, I smoke 1 or 2 times in a week. I like it more but the situation of smoking when my little daughter is not in home is somehow difficult to grant.
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Kevin KeithMaynard
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Sometimes 2 a day but mostly 1 a day,occasionally I will go 3 to 4 weeks without depending on weather
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I rarely smoke more than once a day, and only outdoors. if the weather is too cold, hot or humid, I don't smoke at all. I typically don't smoke from late December through February. If it's raining, I will occasionally smoke while sitting or standing in the garage with the door open.
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Mr Beardsley
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It depends on the day. I'll normally get 2 - 3 good smokes in daily, occasionally a quickie while out & about
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Kevin KeithnimazparsaMaynard
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1-2 on avg with as many as 4 on a great day.
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I'm averaging about 6/week
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Kevin Keith
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10+ per day I guess. I get up around 4:30 ante meridiem most days so...there ya go
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I average about 4-5 bowls a day. I like to smoke.🙂
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3-4 for me. My desire to smoke is all over the place lately though so it's been more like 1-2. As it heats up outside I am much less likely to have a pipe, and will probably start reaching for cigars instead.
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Mr BeardsleyMaynard
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If I were to average it out it would probably be around two bowls a day, but that’s a misleading number. My smoking depends entirely on what’s going on in my day. If I’m spending a lot of time in the truck at work or on the patio at home it can be four or five bowls a day, but many, many days I’m working out in the heat or in areas where I can’t smoke at all, or I’m simply too busy, or at the end of the day I’m too tired. I often put together strings of several days in a row where I don’t get to smoke at all.
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