Tom Douglas Pipes

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Only one of these is new to me, one was a surprise Joe threw in along with a couple tampers/pouch/tobacco. These all have a connection for me. Tom got me hip to the Prince shape and letting Meer's cake up. When his old Meer Prince broke for the last time I took to finding a replacement. Stumbled upon a double to my Pete Prince and knew where it belonged. The Mastercraft Joe snuck in, Tom expressed interest in that one and it found it's way to him, he dug out the fills eventually and sent it back, some rustication then it was off to him again. It's a great pipe that loves Virginia Spice, haven't smoked either in some time. Now, the Legion of Honor, Tom spoke of these, Algerian Briar with plateaux tops in classic shapes. During his time with Grabow/Mastercraft plenty of pipes passed through his hands but these LOH stood out. Managed to track down a couple, Joe has the other that Tom recieved. Great pipes. The Sculptura Prince is new to me but is being warmly welcomed. The Bamboo tamper I made, a number of, sent them all over, surprised it lasted this long. The brass one is an Ed James piece of excellence complete with an orange spade inset on the top. Need to get to cleaning them up yet.


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Great stuff. I'm trapped in an apartment right now, but as soon as I can get some items "out", I'll take pics of mine as well.
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Great haul!
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Beautiful pipes! Awesome tampers as well.
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