Help with a Meer restoration

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Bruyere_Royale wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:59 pm
Get your drill and bits, with no power lock the chuck and gradually bore out the cake manually working your way through your bit sizes.
This is the way.
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Thank you all!!!!
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I bought Meers that were so caked and nasty I wonder how the pig that owned them was able to smoke them. One I got was so caked up the hole in the bowl was only about the size of a pencil. I have to idea how he actually got tobacco in it and was able to get a draw. I had to use the dremel with the sanding drum to cut out the cake and when I got close to the wall I switched to sandpaper and a curved chisel tool I designed to scrape away the hard-to-reach spots in the bottom of the bowl.

I don't like the salt and alkie treatment on my meers. No scientific reason and I can't provide any credible research to support my opinion, but to me there's simply a safer and less messy way to de-nasty a Meer if you don't have access to an ozone machine, and I prefer the non-destructive methods.

If you have a store like Hobby Lobby in your town, buy a bottle of activated charcoal. It comes in a small bottle and I usually pay about $6. One bottle will last a long time.

I disassemble the push-pull connection, remove the stem, and plug the draft hole with a Q-tip (the activated charcoal is a powder and it'll get all over everything if there's any little space for it to leak out.) after cleaning the bowl with alcohol and fine sandpaper (if necessary) I fill the bowl with the activated charcoal. You can place a piece of scotch tape over the top of the bowl if you want to keep the charcoal from leaking out and getting messy. Then I put the pipe in a ziplock bag and sit the pipe upright for 2-3 days inside the bag. The activated charcoal will absorb the nasty flavors similar to how baking soda does in your refrigerator. After a couple days I empty out the charcoal, wipe the inside of the bowl with a paper towel, then refill it and repeat.
Sometimes if it is only lightly ghosted it only takes one time.

I usually find the ghost is gone completely after the second rest period with the charcoal in the bowl. Your next smoke or two should finish drawing out any ghost that is absorbed into the stone.
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