P-Lip Is a Scam!

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Whalehead King wrote: Sat Dec 28, 2019 9:19 pm I grew up with a kid we called "Softee." His bones never really fused after he was born so he was frail. His cranial fontanelle never closed up, he was mostly just skin and cartilage over his brain. When he got excited his forehead would vibrate in time with is heartbeat.

All the girls knew when he liked them.

He was a spindly kid, built like a bird. We all looked out for him. One day, we were walking down Main Street when Softee tripped over a bump in the sidewalk. He bumped into an old man with a cane who was smoking a pipe. The old man was a cranky old codger, maybe you know one or two. When Softee bumped into the old man, he knocked the old man off his cane. When the old man hit the ground, his pipe flew out of his mouth. When the old man's pipe flew out of his mouth, it hit Softee right in the eye, P-lip first. Softee bled to death before the ambulance could get there. The old man had a broken hip and he died of pneumonia in the hospital three weeks later.

A P-lip pipe killed my friend through his eye. Poor Softee, there wasn't a bit of thing we could do to save him. Since then, some of Softee's friends have started a Kickstarter campaign to ban P-lip pipes. If you are interested, for the price of a cup of coffee every week you can help pass legislation to ban the manufacture and sale of P-lip pipes.
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Whalehead King wrote: Sat Dec 28, 2019 8:51 pm
Mr Beardsley wrote: Sat Dec 28, 2019 8:43 pm I only have one p-lip pipe left. I don't necessarily love it but I don't hate it either. To be fair I've made a couple of minor modifications to it and it's on the smaller side compared to the other 2 I had ( the meer vs full sized system pipes)
What modifications did you make to your P-lip to make it less hate-able?
Used small drill bits and one of those stem tools / burrs that pipe makers sometimes funnel stems with to slowly open the hole a bit and took most of the angle out of it. So it's more of a straight shooter than a roof bouncer. It's also been sanded a bit to lessen the bite. Being a Meer it's definitely an older pipe and the stems were smaller than they are now
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P-lip is the brylon of mouthpieces.
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arturo7 wrote: Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:34 am P-lip is the brylon of mouthpieces.
that's low...LOL
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arturo7 wrote: Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:34 am P-lip is the brylon of mouthpieces.
Mike drop.
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Man I used to like p-lips, and by that yea I mean I have one, but can't remember the last time I smoked it. I used to like it
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I for one am quite happy that Mr. Peterson designed the P-lip. My first Pete, a Racing Green B10 is a P-lip and I love it. A great smoker! I just purchased an estate Peterson Kapruf Sandblasted 14S and can’t wait to try it out! (I currently have a chest cold so can’t smoke just yet).
Oh, and softees are awesome. 😎
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I own three and I like 'em! Bah to the rest of you!!! :0]
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...yeah, they CANNOT be clenched though and do not really do anything. I just like the feel of them and the look of the pipe.
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Not go below the belt again, the way I did with the pee-pee video on page 2 of this thread, but, a P-lip reminds me of the congenital medical condition called hypospadias.

There doesn't seem to be a term for hyperspadias. That would be an opening in the top, like a P-lip pipe. It is almost impossible to find examples of a P-lip in nature, maybe one in a gazillion. There is a reason for that. It just doesn't do anything worth doing. Who wants a fountain of smoke in their mouth?

Either way, top or bottom, I've come to believe that best place for a hole is in the middle, where nature intended it. For a cool, smooth, bite-free smoke, a thoroughly enjoyable smoke, use good technique and pay attention to what's going on in the bowl while puffing away, and don't rely on gimmicks----unless the gimmick is a stinger!
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