Nylon Pipe?

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Loosecut wrote:
Wed May 22, 2019 7:55 pm
Well, the nylon pipe featured in this thread has officially changed hands!

I gave it my treatment cleaning, and the first smoke was Paladin Black Cherry...here is a pic of the pipe, now residing in Ontario, Canada:


It wasn't the best smoke I ever had, but I am sure I will figure things out. I agree with Bamarick, that it has a plastic flavour about it. But maybe, it just needs some more time to get broken in????

I do have some positive words, though. The bit end is very comfortable...much more comfortable than my Falcon and Yello-Bole, which also have plastic bits. The pipe is great to clench.

The pipe was also very well behaved. I noticed that the pipe was so light-weight in the hand, that it was almost like waving a cigarette around, which I thought was interesting.

This pipe has potential...I can feel it! I can sense it!
I hope it serves you well! You're right in that the bit is very comfortable.
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