The Sea Urchin Pipe

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I am sure quite a few of us has seen this unique pipe shape at one time or another while browsing the internet, looking for that one of a kind pipe to add to one's collection. But who came up with this crazy idea of a sea urchin?
From my research (which was not extensive by any means), it seems like the late Bill Taylor, of Ashton pipes, has created it first. I managed to find an example:


Nowadays, it is definitively the signature shape of Ian Walker from Northern Briars. I admit I like Walker's interpretation of the shape, better. Here are a few examples:


I have always been fascinated by the striking look this shape displays, particularly when Walker enhances it with a silver shank adornment.


But, of all the variations I have seen, the natural finish with the Celtic sterling silver adornment is the one I would go for.


I cannot look at this wonderful pipe and not think that this is, simply, a work of art. If there would be one pipe I would buy without hesitation nor caring about its price, it would be the natural with the Celtic band.
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It's definitely an eye catching shape though I prefer the somewhat mellower look of the first example over the northern briars interpretation
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He's not getting any younger: if you have a couple of hundred quid laying around you should treat yourself!
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Although not my cup of tea, it's a cool looking pipe.
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I bet you could commission one in meer for MMM.
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Oof. I can appreciate the effort, but that pipe is atrocious.