Fisherman's clench

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Couldn't relight due to a wet Bic.
Pipe was still dry.
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Underwater Basketweaver.
Baskets of basket pipes.
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I tried that one time at the cape.
The cherry fell out and melted a great big hole in my net. :(
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This is when a good packing technique comes in handy. Once you've got that cap of ember on top of the bowl going, it takes a lot to shake it loose. I would jog with my pipe upside down but in inclement weather it works fine. I admit that I haven't employed it often but, when I have, I've had no problems aside from the rain.

After all, cocktail umbrellas are only made of paper. They won't keep the bowl dry for long in a downpour and the stem of the umbrella is just a toothpick made of tinder.

I haven't this in a long time but it's legit.
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i can burn a hole in my shirt with the thing right side up, think i'll stay away from upside down...i have several wind caps
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Seriously , it generally doesn't fall out . I have yet to have it fall out but i imagine certain blends are more prone to do so ... like say PS Cube
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