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Ruffinogold wrote:
Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:29 pm
See , his wife was sick pretty bad . My wife is sick also . I was having a tuff time with it some years ago and Darryl got through to my head about it . He had been dealing with it before I and had a better mental grip on it all . He gave me strength

Sadly , and this is whats killing me .. his wife passed and later on that night he followed ... collapsed and passed .
My heart goes out to you man; friends like that are a special gift to be treasured. I'm an old Navy salt myself and served in the surface fleet of Subcompac in the 70's so whenever I hear of a fellow sailor put out to the heavenly sea, my heart aches some. God rest his soul and comfort yours.
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I hate to hear this Ruff. I wasn’t close to him like you, but I remember that his post were top notch and I enjoyed seeing his avatar pop up.

Prayers are being sent for his family and all those that knew him.
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Sorry Ruff
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I don't have the words.
I have tears for his loss, deep respect for his journey with his wife through her illness, and incredible joy that they can be together still.
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I remember Nitehawk he was a good guy and a very interesting fellow.
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Sorry to hear of Nitehawk's passing. I remember some conversations in PSF 1.0, although it is starting to get foggy. Sounds like he was there for you Ruff.
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I cannot say I was close to him but I do remember him. I am sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family.
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I remember nitehawk, he was a frequent contributor at one time, and always had something interesting to add to the conversation.
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I remember him, didn't know him, but I recognized that name and avatar. I'll keep him and his wife's family in prayer.
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Sorry to read this. I had a number of conversations with Nitehawk. Nice guy! I'm not sure I knew he was a fellow squid.
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