Insane Shipping Costs to US!?

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A long time ago, maybe in 2008 or 2009, I got into snus a little bit. It was really tasty stuff, and was incredibly inexpensive (few dollars per tin, cheap shipping, etc). I was at my local B&M shop today, and on a whim got a can of General Original. Delicious, as I remembered, but it's like $6 to $8 a can there. Getting the taste for it, today, I went to order a few cans of some other brands that I used to like (Ettan, Knox, etc), and was shocked to see that every website I tried had a $30 shipping fee via UPS. What happened!?

Anyhow, considering that I am not a regular snus user, and have no intentions on becoming one and ordering in bulk to make it worth the $30 shipping, I was wondering if there are any PSF members who would want to consider going in together on an order to share in the shipping costs. The more people we get in on this, the more we stand to save. Without doing this, I'll just have to give up on snus. :(
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This has to do with the PACT act that was passed. They are no longer allowed to ship via normal postal service to the US, so they have to send it UPS and even then they have to use their DDP (Delivery and Duty Paid) service to make sure the US gov gets their dirty dollar out of it. They also require an adult signature upon arrival. It sucks, but if you are a normal snus user, it's actually not bad if you order a bunch of rolls at once.
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always order 4 rolls!
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