I would like to post some barter.

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Crusty Cob
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Just wanted to bump this thread. These are still available. Fr_Tom, got the black pot on the left and I'm keeping the yellow Dublin. Still got 3 to go. If I ship tomorrow it can still make it to you by Thursday.

I put some PA SV in the Dublin today. They smoke pretty nice I'm telling ya.
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Kevin KeithRuffinogoldFr_Tom
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Some of these still available ?
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Whalehead King

Oh. I thought you were going to post some baNter. Then, I thought, I don't need to click on this link to find banter, it's everywhere on PSF..

Those are vey nice pipes, though.

I think you already got the short end of the stick with our last trade. I don't want to burn you twice. I can attest to anyone interested: if CC vouches for them, they are what he says they are, no surprises.
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Wilderness Pipe
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Too bad I Live so far away. When you add the shipping it turns into a min. 30 $ US barter, especially from the states to Canada. Seems like it's almost twice as expensive from e.g. Texas all the way to north-western Canada, then the other way around. Oh well...
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