What do you call a really good tobacco?

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Whalehead King

I was just talking about EGR in a related thread in the Pipe Tobacco forum and I noted that EGR, for me, isn't a real dottle-milker.

In my book, a really good tobacco is a dottle-milker.

What do you call a really good tobacco?
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A blend that can be smoked all day and doesn't leave you worn out. A blend like C&D's Pegasus is such a blend for me.
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If you are a Prince Albert fan, you might call it the "National Joy Smoke."

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Dottle Milker .. lol. I never would have thought of that


I call them good , I reckon

HEY ..... Maybe the blends that have a smooth mouth feel are lactated blends ?
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I refer to them as beloved
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My precious
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Affordable . . . Enjoyable Any Time . . . Easily Obtainable.

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Fr_Tom wrote: Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:32 pm If you are a Prince Albert fan, you might call it the "National Joy Smoke."

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