Any particular tobacco you favor the most . . .

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Kevin Keith wrote:
Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:52 pm
avid wrote:
Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:42 pm
Kevin Keith wrote:
Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:26 am
It's funny though that I never smoke it much anymore.
well then that is the wrong answer
Read the question again.
the question as worded is somewhat vague, i'll let you off with a warning...this time
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My #1’s:

Burley: H&H Dark-fired AND Carter Hall

Virginia: Sam’s Best Brown OR Tordenskjold Virginia slices

VA’Per: PSLNF OR Rattray’s Marlin Flake

English: GLP Chelsea Morning OR C&D Ten Russians

Scottish: Battery Wagner OR Black Mallory

Virginia / Burley Mix: MacBaren’s Navy Flake OR Bell’s Three Nuns

That’s all that I smoke right there- if one of these are opened, the other is cellared- my new discovery is PS Evening Treasure- Virginia based with burley and black cavendish- naturally sweet & the closest I’ll get to an aromatic!
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I'm a MacBaren Golden Extra junkie :thumbs:
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Lately I've been favoring a lot of Sutliff's match Edgeworth RR.
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Right now I’m going with Mac Baren Vanilla Creme because the family likes the smell and SG XX because I love the flavor and nic :thumbs:
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Elizabethan match. Cheap and good.
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SWR and later in the day Five Brothers.
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As far as favor most , I'm reading it as a go to blend . Mb ge for me , like i mentioned earlier . I have a philosophy I'll share with you , regarding go to blends . It has nothing to do with truth , justice or the American way but its just my litmus of sorts ..

Medium .. is the word for a go to . I mean , if a blend is heavy , such as SG 1792 .. i cant see that being sonething id go to super often throughout a day . Conversely, if a blend is super light , and I mean these terms in flavor and nicotine , then it's not sonething id hit on throughout the day too often as well

There's a number of blends I could " go to " , there is . Maybe the Medium thing isnt what would make a go to for you but it's something to consider
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"And So To Bed" seems like the Dark Horse blend from the E-word but I snap that stuff up at every opportunity and covet it.
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Old Joe, Big n Burley, Bayou Night---any one or all---i could be happy--
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