Half and Half ............ and Half . And a couple others

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50% Half and Half / 50% regular Black cavendish ... Really Fantastic , no kidding . I used SPBC .. or was it Lane BCA , It doesn't matter . Ya just dont want to use a med or full flavored aro . Yoiu want the H&H flavor to be there with the regular BC flavor ... it really works nice

I recently got some MCB match and some Elizabethan match ....

50% BC and 50 % Elizabethan match ... and two pinches of either seven seas red or Captain black cherry

50% BC and 50 % MCB match and a couple pinches of either 7 seas red or Captain black cherry .. My son Nick flipped out over this blend the other day . I sent him a variety of killer stuff and this one was the mind melter
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