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So this is the oldest unopened/sealed tin in my cellar. I don't know much about the blend, and I'm loathe to open it as it's in such good condition. It's an old 'cutter' tin (2 ozs.), and it's slightly puffed from the maturation of the tobaccos within. It also seems to be either a plug or cake, because what little rattle there is feels like a solid block. I acquired the tin about 12-13 years ago from someone paring down their tin collection.
Any insight on the age of such tins or personal experiences with the blend would be appreciated!

Blend: Whiskey Brown Flake
Manufacturer: John Player & Sons
Location: Nottingham, England


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I have never seen it
If it were me I would just pick a date, whenever
And crack that bad-boy
Then again, it could be worth a bundle
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I have never seen it. I also hate seeing classic cars sitting spotless in a garage. I say pick a nice Sunday and crack it open. I assume no responsibility for potential financial loss :D
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Players had some great blends . Ive still got about half a tin of Players Flake and its really really good . When you pop it , youre gonna dig it
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Smoke it by all means. If you don't somebody else will sooner or later. Then you would never know what delights...or disappointments lay within. But you would always wonder wouldn't you?
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