Sutliff Serendipity

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All right folks, my first tobacco review; get you pop-corn, a beverage of your choice and enjoy the show!

Background: I am a creature of habit and smoke Quiet Nights, Rainer Levant, Plum Pudding, Maltese Falcon, so I am an English fan... as a newer smoker, I felt the need to see what type of aromatics I would like; I wanted to find a new (to me & bulk) aromatic. I went through a few ounces and with a still small; but a bit of better understanding of aromatics, BCA style, SWRA nothing really struck "that cord" and it turns out I am not a huge fan of cherry. I tried Virginia Cream, good - delicate - smooth, I shifted to Molto Dolce, and fell in love... WIth hours of looking I settled on Serendipity.

Look and feel: The overall all look is the typical light and dark blends expected of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish; this tobacco like Molto Dolce has a moist, heavy, sticky treatment. It always looks wet...

Aroma: I smell dark fruits, blackberry, plum, blueberry.

Pre-smoke: Once again sticky, easy to pack, but my recommendation is to pack not as tight as you typically would and let it sit for 3-18 hours, I am sure this common knowledge, but I found that the longer I let it set, the cooler, smoother smoke I would have. I prefer corn-cobs and I am a bit of an extreme planner; so I would pack multiple cobs at the same time. Typically, I used my Dagner Poker, MM Elf Churchwarden, MM Ozark Mountian, MM Freehand. I found that the Poker (dried for 6 hours after packing) and Freehand (dried for 12 hours after packing) smoked a bit hot, coincidently those were packed the tightest. The Elf (rested for 18 hours after packing) and Ozark (rested for 3 hours after packing) had better results.

Smoking: The dryer, the better the initial light and smoke. From lit to cash, I found a delicate blackberry flavor, with notes of cinnamon and light citrus; I feel it reminds me of a dutch oven blackberry cobbler cooking over an oak/pine fire I had camping as a younger man. A thick smooth smoke, with a velvety mouthfeel and no tongue-bite.

Post Smoke: Like Molto Dolce, a bit of mess in the bowl after the smoke; a pipe cleaner or 3 will be used to clean up. But, I am a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning my cobs.

In the end: I like it, enjoy it and now I have 8 ounces in four mason jars to see how aging works with this blend and at $3.16 an ounce a fair bargain. I would recommend it to others, and if you tried it how was your experience? -Squatch.
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Imho , Sutliff bulk aromatic are by far the best in flavoring . They really have had it down for a long while . The mouthfeel , as you mentioned , is tops . McClelland had a high end aromatic tin line , I can't recall what the line was named , but those blends had a mouthfeel even thicker 5hsn sutliff ... Easy Steet blend was in that line and i enjoyed the hell out of it . Holiday Spirit also ... im missing both those blends
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