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Eh. Its my first try at this so I will just try the RIT only.
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'SHARPIE' markers are alcohol based dyes and will also dye briar. You can use these markers to "draw" or brush on contrasting grain lines, but I'd practice of scrap briar first. Crack open the Sharpie and take out the dye soaked wick and place it in some denatured alcohol, to dilute the dye to the color desired. Use an artist brush to dye the pipe. Variations in staining- from light to dark , e.g. -can easily be easily done....darker rims blending into a lighter bowl. Create a briar nightmare by using unconventional color combos. Sharpies are cheap. Light sanding will remove some color. Spraying shellac over the dyed pipe and then a wax buffing might be a good idea. Sharpies are good for touching up scratches on briar and furniture. Practice, first.

EXPERIMENT ON SCRAP BRIAR to perfect your finishing techniques.

Good luck.
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