Fire Makers and accessibility

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It takes fire . There may be some electric lighter out there or a sub sonic something or other that doesnt use fire but who cares . Fire is where its at . It would be nice if we could focus our frustration into a beam that would light a pipe but once accomplished we might be too unfrustrated to light anothger , so thats a drag . Anyway , fire .. its where its at

Theres debate about matches vs lighters , because thats exciting discussion , but as long as there's fire it doesnt matter . Some people go through a ritual to light a pipe while others pull out a torch and just get thing going in an instant . It doesnt matter what you do so long as you smoke

So , now that that is out of the way .
Fire makers .... Ive got a number of them . I dont use each every day because thats ridiculous . I generally have my zippo in the leather belt pouch thing . Its good for me because I also carry a knife on my belt and theres a good chance I wont forget both , so if I remember one I'll remember the other ... mostly
I try to keep a disposable in each vehicle and in the drawer on the table out on the porch .. places where I hang I try to leave a bic or whatever

Before I wrote this most interesting thread , I went to grab a box with lighters that I use to take a picture . I recently reorganized my tobacco cabinet and cant remember what I did with the box . Brilliant

I have one of those plastic tube torch lighter things . Its pretty big and holds half a gallon of butane . I dig it . Its truly wind proof and could melt the ice off a car door lock in about 2 seconds . It will light a pipe like a mofo . If you dont like a torch lighter to light a pipe .. I dont care , you dont have to like it , its ok . That sucker will light one when youre on a mountain ridge when its 0 degrees out and youre wearing gloves .... not freaking bad in my book , which is a very thick book of not a lot really . Yes , it could not perform if frozen ... but I keep it in my pocket where its warm . Brilliant , right

The zippo is the usual dude when I'm out of the house . The belt thing just makes it easy for me . The " zippo " flavor , which can be dealt with by not saturating the flame on the tobacco but using more of the tip of the flame , doesn't interest me . Zippo flavor helps restore testosterone for those with low T , if that happens to be you , it could help

The good ol bic lighter . Any disposable are great . I really like the clipper or ronson one you can refill too . I have one with a skeleton Indian [ indigenous American .. if that makes you feel better ] chief skull on it and I like that one alot . Disposables are hard to beat . Hell , the cheap ones cost 50 cents and they work and you can see when they're getting low , though I usually loose them before that

Table top lighters , I love ! They are so cool . I have some of them as well , all kinds from Evans to ronsons .. fancy , weird etc .. They are best to leave on the coffee table . I would imagine there's a guy out there , hopefully in another country [ lol ] , that carries an old ronson table top lighter in his pocket ... or man purse . Whatever crumbles yer cookie

I have a love hate relationship with wood matches . I love them but when conditions suck for them , I don't love them . I go for matches when I'm smoking indoors which isn't often . Any wood match will do but the Swann ones are nice and kinda sexy

Remember the cardboard type matches ... book matches . I guess they still make them . Every restaurant , bar , store etc ... had them with their logo and info printed on them . GET READY .... I love those freaking matches , I truly do . I can do cool things with them , as far as lighting , tricks etc ... they are fun and I miss them not being everywhere . The shit I did with a pack of book matches , my goodness . Freaking MacGyver would be envious . I bet I lit a thousand bowls with them , a thousand cigarettes' , joints .. you name it . Really , I can " MOD " a pack of book matches into a lot of things . I should write a thread on that one day ... the shit I did with a pack of book matches

Anyway , Id like to see pictures of your lighters . When I find my box , Ill take some . I've got some cool old ones for sure

But here's my usual fire maker . A zippo and a Bic . I normally carry an orange Bic but they all work the same

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Fire? We ain't got no fire! We don't need no fire! I don't have to show you any stinking fire!
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Zippo. 'nuff said.
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The TN fire makers:


The Zippo on the left (with the penny soldered to it) has a Thunderbird insert. I was ready to smash that thing after a year of fiddling with it and sending it back. It magically started working and now gives good service. Love the Pearl Harbour Zippo, it has a Zippo Pipe insert but I’m not here to use it enough to keep it filled.
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Eye lasers and Tesla coils aside, these are the daily workhorses:

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I use a Zippo without the pipe insert most of the time. It seems to work better outside for me than the throwaway butane lighters. At the same time it's kind of my old codger statement against disposable items in a world of the disposable. Besides, the Zippo works great. I had a fireplace at one time and kept a box of those old fashioned strike anywhere "kitchen matches" on the mantlepiece. I liked those a lot.
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I use a gold Corona Old Boy with a sandblasted briar sleeve to light up.
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Matches, Bic, that order. Zippo usually when I'm outside. I prefer matches.
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Bruyere_Royale wrote: Mon Jan 04, 2021 6:04 am I use a gold Corona Old Boy with a sandblasted briar sleeve to light up.
Is that 14k or 24k gold? Ya killin me. Actually, an Old Boy is about the only thing I’d spend money on right now but It would have to be a good deal.
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