Pipe cleaner through a clay

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So, I just ran a pipe cleaner through the stem of my clay after the draw was a little clogged. That was due to packing, not due to gurgling, but I decided to run a fluffy to see what would happen.

The very end of the pipe cleaner came out black, as expected since I pushed it all the way into the bowl. After I pulled it out, I touched the length of the pipe cleaner than had been through the stem. Except for the very end, this pipe cleaner is bone dry. Every part of this pipe cleaner that wasn't poked in the bowl of the pipe is as white as untrammeled snow.

It's Claypril. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, remember----the old ways are best. Yes, a clay pipe is an inexpensive pipe that will eventually break. It's not an heirloom pipe but it is one pipe that doesn't need pipe cleaners to maintain a clean, dry smoke.
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