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Tobacco, this recipe is for one pouch of tobacco (32,5g) it can be anything that you like, i use Roll your own tobacco ( West: source ). I recommend that the tobacco has no additives, because the taste with those tobaccos is usually really bitter.

Salt 5ml

Baking soda You need to make Soda out of baking soda. This is done by putting the baking soda in to the oven in 200c and keep it there for ~20min. The amount of soda you need is up to you, the more you put it the more the snus will burn in your lip. I recommend 5ml, i have tested with 7.5ml and it was ok but not so enjoyable and the recommended max is 10ml, but be prepared for huge burn and nicotine intake.

Maize or gelatin Maize 7,5ml or gelatin 1/4 from the leaf (Mix gelatin in 1dl boiled water)

(Optional) Flavorings, this can be anything you want: herbs, tea and/or booze etc. I have found using earl grey tea is a great one, you almost get a taste of Ettan loose snus.


Blender or mortar and pestle. I have used mortar and pestle, but i have heard that using blender you will get the job done more quickly and easier with better results.

Container with secure lid and something to mix the stuff (a fork will do) and something to measure the ingredients and water

Preparing the snus

First dry your tobacco in your room, for a day or two ( i have dried it only for one day and it seems to be enough), when its dry grind it to dust, in your blender or mortar and pestle.
Mix the dry ingredients in same container: tobacco,maize(if you use it) and spices (if you use them). Then mix soda and salt in 0,5dl water (If you use gelatin mix it in 1dl boiled water and add soda and salt in there and I add one tea pouch in there at this point). Pour the salt soda water in to the container where you have the tobacco and mix (If you use gelatin don't pour the whole 1dl in there 0,5dl is enough).
Then put the ''dough'' in to your fridge over night and let it rest there. Next day, put your oven on in 50c and put the snus in there for 1-3h, so that the extra moisture will leave (I have tested it by pressing it with my finger if it leaves alot of moisture on my finger I let it be). After that is done put it in your fridge again to cool off, i recommend over night put if you want you can try some at this point.

There, now you have your own snus. Sorry if my english is bad, if you have something to ask, ask a away and i try to answer it the best i can.
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