Happy 1st Birthday to PSF v2!

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Today celebrates our first anniversary. We opened the doors under somewhat unpleasant circumstances, and the only reason they stayed open is that so many of you showed up within the first day that I couldn't see closing them. Our growth has been slow but steady. In the last year I've seen people come and go, but regardless of movement a core group has remained active over the 12 months we've been here. Aside from booting a bunch of Russian and Eastern European hackers until I came up with a registration protocol that all but eliminated that problem, I haven't noted any behavior here over the last year that made me feel like this place needed any moderation at all.

I've been an absent father over most of the last year because of personal stuff that I was and am still going through, but even in my absence I've popped in and watched what all of you have been up to. I have to say that what I've seen, where we sit now, and what the future of PSF looks like all make me feel pretty good about this place.

Thanks to every one of you for being part of this community, and especially thanks to the moderators, who I've leaned heavily on and who have done a spectacular job. Happy birthday guys, and thanks for being here!
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Happy Birthday! I am glad we are all here and appreciate the forum.
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Happy birthday PSF! Happy to be a part of it. ;)
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Happy birthday PSF! There is definitely something special going on here. 🎂
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I’m very happy to be here and hope this little corner of the internet endures for quite a long while.
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Happy Birthday PSF! I'm happy to call this place my home! 👍💨💨
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Hippo birdie two ewes PSF! I like it here too :)
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Happy birthday to PSF and thank you so much for building a site miscreants like myself can call home :D
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That first month was a trip , no doubt . I agree , I don't recall anything getting out of hand at all . My new work this past year , since JANUARY I believe , makes it a bit more difficult to check in as much as I'd like but I'm getting a handle on it. I'll admit , I truley do miss some folks , I do . I wish theyd check in sometimnes , as I'm sure they're still active if I were to guess .

I love that there's no sense of over self promotion here . I could be wrong because I'm not real computer savvy , but I dont think we have a likes count , which is excellent . We might have a post count but it isnt displayed anywhere that i can tell ... these things are good because its not s popularity contest and if someone were striving for that .... < sigh > ..... get a life , ya know

Imho , this place is the right attitude and format . Have y'all noticed the lack of fool foo ... I have and it's divine

I'm damn glad to be here and I've enjoyed watching this place grow . I don't care if we don't have 50,000 members , I don't . As long as we keep going forward, it'll stay perfect

Enough of tooting our horn , I hear ya , but this place rocks :thumbs:
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