Old pipe shops from the 60's and 70's

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In the 70's , I'd go with my Grandpop to a place some where around Mt. Vernon , N.Y. . I'm talking 7o / 71 and i was real young. Apparently he smoked country doctor and by thevtime i was 18 , he went black cavendish ( it was cheap ) . I remember the aroma pretty much . There was a place in Coral Gables , Fl. , bills pipe shop , I think .. I'm trying to remember which decade that was . It was a nice place . Years later he sold it and move to Virginia and the place became a " cigar store " .. I hate those places, truly .
Most if my early experience was either a mom and pop place or things at the drug / food store , which was quit s selection back then ... hell in 1980 , I think it was the shop rite food store in Hackettstown , Nj.. selling Mick McQuaid , Clan , Edgeworth , Kentucky Club etc ....
Before I opened my shop in Temple Terraces , Fl ( basically , Tampa ) ... I hung out at the Edwards in Lakeland Florida a lot , for years . I hung at the one in Tampa just a we bit .
Ah , there was A Tinder box at the mall in NJ ( rockaway mall , i think .. early 80's ) ... i tried tins there , like Dobies four square etc ..

I've visited a number of b&m over the years , in places I traveled to . There were so many years ago . Irc was my favorite
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