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Whalehead King

Mrs. King and I have been receiving a lot of email yesterday and today about the recent flooding in New Orleans. No matter what the Weather Channel tells you, flooding like yesterday happens 2-3 times a year. It's just a fact of live. We take it in stride.

Our inn is on the high ground so even after Katrina the water came up to our steps but didn't get into our house. It wasn't even close yesterday. Our street was dry. We went out and about town, and, while there was plenty of water it wasn't anything that took New Orleanians by surprise. The pumps are working but they can only drain one inch an hour out of the whole city----the Central Business District got 11 inches yesterday morning.

A storm is approaching and the Mississippi River is very high this time of year. No one I know is freaking out, though. We live in a resilient city. New Orleans will persevere. When you are ready to visit this wonderful city we call home, it will be here---I can assure of that. You can't keep a good city down, especially if it's a city as good as New Orleans.

Stay dry, my friends. I'll be doing my best.
With a handshake,

My view this morning:

It's windy today but sunny and surprisingly cool. We're enjoying it while we can.
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Praying for dryness and preservation of your labor of love.
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pretty good blow coming through there...stay safe!
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Was thinking of you. Im glad you're good to go
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That is a beautiful building!
I’m glad all is well down there.
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