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New member here. Pipe smoker for 21 years, currently living in Minnesota but originally from Kentucky. I haven't been active on a forum since the early 2000s when I was on Yahoo Pipesmokers 2 forum a lot -- that's where I picked up most of my pipe and tobacco knowledge such as it is.

I like balkan blends (which I think of as more oriental forward) and English blends (which I think of as more latakia, less orientals -- these are categories only in my mind - don't know that anyone else thinks of it that way). Sometimes straight Virginia or VA/Per. On rare occasions when I'm going to be around people more I will do an aromatic - Peterson Sweet Killarney or Solani Sweet Mystery X. I have a small cellar, which has a shockingly high value based on what I see online from vintage resellers. It consists mostly of Dunhill London Mixture which was my holy grail tobacco and then got discontinued.

I just placed a large (for me) order of samples of bulk Balkans, motivated by news of more tax hikes being considered. My plan is to find a bulk Balkan I like then buy enough to carry me through for a long time. I should probably calibrate my consumption rate and multiply by life expectancy. I found this forum searching "bulk balkan"

Look forward to seeing how the conversations here play out.
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welcome to PSF!
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Welcome aboard!
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Good morning and welcome!
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Greetings and Salutations from the Springfield Plateau
Arango Balkan Supreme seems like a logical bulk blend to try if you have not done so
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the Forum!
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Welcome to PSF!

I've packed several pounds of Balkan Supreme in Mylar for the pending Tobaccalypse. One thing is for sure - it'll never be cheaper than it is right now.
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Welcome friend! If you break anything while you're surfing about the place, fear not... Just blame me.
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