I see the dust has settled

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Morning Fellows. I see the dust has settled. The new forum looks excellent. Well done! :D
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Kevin Keith
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Come on in, the posting is fine :thumbs:
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Welcome aboard, sir! Glad to have ya here.
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"I realized I had the gift of seeming to know more than I actually did." -A.J. Cronin-
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Welcome to PSF. Frankly, it's still a little dusty - but I am not sure I'd want it any other way :D
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“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.”
― C.S. Lewis
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Glad to have you here!
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"Prov'dence don't fire no blank ca'tridges, boys" Roughing It, Mark Twain

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Something changed? 🤠😉
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Hello and welcome from the Jersey Shore!
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Welcome from NY!
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:) Welcome aboard.
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"He who shall, so shall he... wait, who?" :?
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Welcome. looking forward to what you have to contraband. contribute.
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Underwater Basketweaver.
Baskets of basket pipes.
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