What Are You Smoking May 2019

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SWRA in this Ehrlich Meer-Lined Bulldog.
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2007 Peterson Irish Flake in a Stephen Downie Apple.
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Three Sails in a Falcon Coolway
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Kendal Kentucky in a non-Grabow Commodore

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John Bull in the Dagner Cobb. Grapefruit sparkling water on the side.
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Missouri .... hot .... can't wait to get home . Benn smoking a good bit of PSLTF.. killer !!
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Ruffinogold wrote:
Fri May 17, 2019 6:49 pm
Missouri .... hot .... can't wait to get home . Benn smoking a good bit of PSLTF.. killer !!
where at in missouri ?
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2015 Penzance in a Sav 2013 St Nick 320...Arnold Palmer in the gifted Yeti.

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Sutliff's mocha strips in a Eugene Rich era CustomBilt and drinking a seltzer with crushed ice and fresh lime.
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Red Virginia crumble Kake with iced tea. Watching the nhl playoffs.
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