What Are You Smoking January 2020

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Nightcap in a Pete 307 with some PG tips
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Stirling Flake in a Radice

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Samuel Gawiths Bracken flake in a old Pibe-Dan and drinking a Lavazza Café con Leché. The moka pot produced another great brew.
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Earlier it was CH in cob when I working in the garage. Now its Firestorm in a cob with a glass of JB Black.
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London mixture in a small stanwell earlier.

CB Gold in a Grabow now.

Rain has inundated my basement as the sump pump quit. I was able to get a new pump down there before major catastrophe struck. Ice is piling up outside and lights are flickering as I type.
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Ellis You wrote:
Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:10 pm
Well the front of the squall line has gone through, so out to the open carport I go with some Mac Baren Mixture Scottish Blend in an unnamed meer lined Dublin. Rain is lingering, but it's not nearly as hard as earlier, nor is it blowing sideways.


It just wrapped up here too , I think . I was just having a pipe after it toned down and when I finished the pipe , I heard a tree fall , though I don't think it's across the driveway but ill find out in the am

Had another bowl of Ruffs Refire in the Hilson
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Last pipe of the evening . . .

Special Virginia / Three Sails Mix . . . Falcon w / Meer Bowl . . . Mug of Stout Brewed Decaf Assam.

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Bro Uhaha wrote:
Sat Jan 11, 2020 6:14 pm
Watch City 558 (courtesy Ellis You) in a Tom Howard.
Re-load. ✔
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Ending the day with Squires figgy pudding in the Peterson bent apple ebony and ice water. Good night.
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Picayune in the Silver Duke pot

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