G’morning from Melfort, Sk Canada

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Kevin Keith
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Welcome to PSF
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Welcome aboard!
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Kevin Keith
This wonderful hobby of ours...
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Howdy from the Hill Country of the Great Republic of Texas! Lol.
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Welcome friend.
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Glad you found your way back.
Welcome from sunny Southern California!
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Middle Earth
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Greetings and Salutations from the Springfield Plateau Ozarks
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"Same old Bill, eh Mable!"

I wonder if "blame Wildcat" will become a theme here? - Fr_Tom
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Woodrow1953 wrote: Sun May 29, 2022 9:41 am
Ruffinogold wrote: Sat May 28, 2022 10:46 am Awesome Bill ... welcome back :thumbs:

Are you able to get tobacco pretty easy still .. up there ?
Actually no. It’s tough. I’m not really sure if the customs are up and down on this one. I might order a small amount from my US emailer and see what happens.

I can pay the usual US dollars, and sometimes it’ll make it through, and other times I get dinged hugely.
Ive sent stuff to guys up there and I forget the oz limit thats ok for the government there . Its not a lot ... like 3 or 4 oz
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