Broken Pipe: cigrmaster

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I just found out that Harris AKA @cigrmaster passed away on Tuesday night in his sleep, as reported by one of his close friends on another forum.

I haven't been in this game for too long, and he didn't spend much time on PSF as of late, but I recognized Harris as a real veteran and truly outsized character of the pipe and cigar world. You don't need me to describe him: he laid it out every time he posted - no filters, always happy to share his opinions and experiences, and boast of his beautiful pipes and the copious amounts of tobacco he amassed. For this and for many other reasons, he will be missed by me.

Rest in peace, Harris!
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Sad news. Rest in Peace, Harris.
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He had quite the collection of Artisan pipes. RIP brother..
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Thanks for letting us know. Sad news indeed.
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Sad to hear. RIP
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Thats horrible news . To pass in sleep is the way to go , many say . I wish his family well and God bless his soul
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Sorry to hear. May he rest in peace.
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I met Harris on a different board, and when I found out his afflictions, I decided to offer him some human companionship in addiction to the many pipes that kept him company every day. He had discovered his favorite blends to some years ago, and to make sure he would never run out, and to age, he's buy ~500 tins.

Not the same with pipes. There he had limits, assigning some to some rotation wherein these 3-5 pipes would always smoke one blend and some the other. He was such a pipe hobbyist that his experience taught him exactly what characteristics his pipes must have. So, revision after revision to what pipes he would keep and smoke.

I spoke to him several times about the suffering his afflictions brought. He was quite unemotional about his debility. No drama or sentimentality, no whining. He had been an avid tennis player, and it was this that he most missed.
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