What Are You Smoking November 2018

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MikeDennison wrote: Fri Nov 30, 2018 6:57 pm Another first time smoke for me; Uhles 00 in this Custom Cob. This is just some incredible burley goodness...jiminy. :thumbs:
Same pipe, but this time burning another first; Uhles 300 Blend. I think my eyes are rolling completely around in my head, I like this so much! :thumbs: :thumbs:
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Having some PA in a Westbrook Bulldog that I got from Thelonious monkfish. Finally found my pipe stuff box and am sitting here smoking, drinking a beer, and admiring it all.
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Its friday night . The kids are insane as usual . Joseph's has been playing Cream tunes on his Epiphone Las Paul and now Anthony has put down his bass to record some trumpet thing he has to email his teacher before midnight ... God only knows .

Me ..... I'm all about detachment tonight . So , Black Velvet Reserve ( multiple finger rocks glass going on ) and a Mastro de Paja filled with Wessex Burley Slice ..... Burley comes in slices btw, not flakes . If burley comes in a flake , the maker who named it should have a talking to . Anyway , Wessex Burley Slice is horrible stuff ... it's about as bad as the old Edgeworth Slices, which of course is no longer made for a reason . Maybe if it were a flake it would still be on the market , not that it was ever any good mind you
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Ruffinogold wrote: Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:11 pm Went and picked up some pizza . Man , we actually have a good pizza joint in McCaysville , Georgia ... thank Christ the almighty . Anyway , I had another bowl of the Sutliff Maple street in the Ascot Italy work pipe ( it was in the van so why not , right ) .... that combo is growing on me . I really enjoyed it
Not only a good Pizza shop, but you also have a good Drug/Gun Store in McCaysville :D After my brother passed almost 2 years ago my sister in law moved there to be near her Daughter. She will be building a new home in Copperhill next Spring. I haven't had the Pizza from that shop, but I have had Catfish from Pat's Kountry Kitchen.

Yes guys, McCaysville has a combo Drug & Gun Store. Gotta love our small towns!
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houtenziel wrote: Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:44 pm Having some PA in a Westbrook Bulldog that I got from Thelonious monkfish. Finally found my pipe stuff box and am sitting here smoking, drinking a beer, and admiring it all.
so are we
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Taking a break to enjoy some John Marr in the Larsen & some fighting cock on the side
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